Trustee Alarm System (TAS)

The Trustee Alarm System (TAS) is a self‐contained alarm that is powered by internal batteries, although the system does have duel power options if required for flexibility. The typical battery lifespan of 2 years between charges generally means that not having the system wired into a power source can often prove to be a huge advantage upon installation. For example; properties with no power or a telephone line, plus a myriad of storage and outbuildings that need protecting, can all benefit from the protection of a Trustee Alarm System.


The Trustee has 48 zones! This means you can connect up to 48 devices, for example – PIRs, window and door contacts, pressure pads, smoke detectors, external PIRs and much more…
The PIRs detect between 12 and 18 metres using quad‐zone technology, proven to minimise false alarms.
This excellent system uses multiple communication protocols – 3G | GPRS | SMS so that the Trustee can be installed in the most remotes spots, but still able to communicate, brilliant for protecting your valuable assets at a distance.

Some of the features…

  • Daily cyclic tests
  • Built in 110db siren with a silent mode option
  • Option to activate automatically at a specific time
  • Remote configuration updates
  • Alerts sent to remote monitoring centre